Are The Scabies Mite And The Mange Mite The Same?

Scabies are parasites that can cause a terrible skin infection in humans and animals. The mites that cause infection in humans are called Human itch and the ones that cause it in animals are called Mange mite. The two aren’t exactly the same.

Let’s read more about the difference between the two –

The Adult Scabies

The mites that cause infection in humans are 0.2mm to 0.4mm in size.

They are microscopic in size and can only be seen under the microscope. They are transparent in color, and despite misconceptions, they cannot fly or jump.

History of Scabies mite

The earliest records of Scabies are over 2500 years old and people have been probably suffering from it for a longer period of time.

People of all races, ages and in almost all nations have been affected by this infection.

More than 300 million cases of Scabies are reported every year.

The Mange Mites

Mange is a skin infection that is caused by a kind of tiny sized mites. They are commonly found in dogs.

Records have shown that a variety of Mange mites are present in the dog’s skin, hair and scalp at all times.

These mites can trouble the dogs by infesting a severe skin infection in them. Common symptoms of Mange infection are bald patches on the dog’s face and coat.

Whether it’s you or your pet that’s infected, it’s important not to take the scabies infection lightly. For you, Dr Scabies is more than enough for scabies treatment. For your pets, however, it’s advisable that you have him examined by a vet at the earliest. 

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