Argan Oil- It benefits you skin and hair together!

Argan Oil- It benefits you skin and hair together!

Generally called as liquid gold, argan oil is a natural and organic product used for various purposes. Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, it is known to benefit human skin and hair significantly. Let’s find out what all this gift from nature brings forth!

The magical oil, which is known for its healthy nutrients and antioxidants- yes, it is the argan oil. It is known by different names throughout the world. Some call it as ‘Moroccan Gold’, while others know it by the name ‘Liquid Gold’. Being highly rich in beneficial nutrients, this oil consists of fatty acids and vitamin A and E in ample amount, making it a perfect remedy for both, your hair and skin. Therefore, it is now becoming a popular cosmetic choice all over the world.

Here are listed some of the amazing offerings of argan oil:

Moisturizes your skin:

Are you fed up of you dry skin? You have tried every kind of skin-moisturizer? Not to worry, argan oil can help you out. It deeply moisturizes your skin, keeps it hydrated and makes it softer. Presence of vitamin E and fatty acid naturally boosts your skin glow. Moreover, it is easily absorbed and acts as a non-greasy and non-irritating agent. You can apply it all over your body, ranging from your face and neck to your hands and toe. Just a few drops and a gentle massage into your skin can do wonders.

Conditions you hair:

Nowadays, a majority of people are worried for their damaged hair. Well, if you have been looking for a natural and safe hair treatment, argan oil is the solution. It is a proven method to make hair silkier, softer and shinier. Being a perfect hair conditioner, not only it offer shine to your damaged hair, but also help to treat split ends significantly. And the best thing about argan oil is that it is easy to use and conditions the hair greatly. Moreover, now there are a number of ways to use it. You will easily get a number of products and applications using this oil.

Styling with shiny hair:

Some like straight hair, while some go for curls. While you can do a lot to your hair styling, these styles often leave you with damaged hair. But not anymore your hairstyle will bother you. This magical oil has the ability to tame frizz and damages hair. Thus, it is a perfect replacement to your commonly used styling agent. It helps you manage your hair and adds a healthy look to them. Making it a part of your daily routine after blow-drying can help you to keep your hair shining in the long run.

Control the signs aging:

While you cannot escape from the process of aging, you can manage to look youthful with little efforts. As said earlier, argan oil is an effective moisturizer, its regular usage leads to soft and supple skin. Moreover, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles on your face. The astonishing anti-oxidant properties make it an ideal anti-aging product, which helps in restoring elasticity. For best results, you can massage a few drops of argan oil gently onto your face and neck before bed.

Treat various skin conditions

Those who are suffering from different skin conditions like eczema or are more prone to raw, flaky and itchy skin will be greatly benefited from argan oil. The fatty acids present in this oil repaires the damaged skin cell and provide the necessary nutrients to your skin which prevents dryness and irritation. It is an excellent agent for skin soothing. Directly apply a small amount of oil to afflicted skin, massage it gently for immediate relief and better healing.

A one-stop solution for acne

Generally, oils and moisturizers are not so good to acne prone skin. The reason being they exacerbate your skin conditions. However, argan oil is not in this category. It actually soothes the afflicted skin and reduces inflammation. Even if you have oily skin, you can use this non-greasy gift of nature, which helps to balance your skin and anti-oxidants heal the damaged skin cells.

Hence, you cannot afford to keep yourself away from this magical treatment, which cares for your hair and skin, altogether.

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