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Did you spotted a very itchy rash on the skin of your little one? The doctor suspected your child with scabies? Caused by a tiny, invisible mite that burrows under the skin, it is one of the most contagious skin infestations. And it is no surprise that this can affect toddlers too! How kids get […]

Dealing with itching which gets severe at night? Just found some irregular burrow tracks? Spotted few tiny blisters and bumps on your skin? These signs are indicating toward the itchy skin condition, Scabies, which is caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Being highly contagious skin infestation, it can easily spread quickly through […]

Were you recently suffering from scabies? Did you use Permethrin based cream? While there are number of solutions which consist of permethrin, there are several reports stating the adverse effects of the same. Are you getting new bumps after using it? There are chances that scabies itching becomes worse after using such a conventional scabies […]

I’m sure, you must have seen the horrific sight of a mange-infected stray dog being rescued by some animal organization. What you may not have seen yet is a pet infected with mange, but this is very likely possible – Sarcoptic mange, also called scabies in dogs doesn’t just affect neglected, stray animals, this is […]

Bring a highly infectious condition, scabies is said to be occurring due to presence of tiny mite beneath your skin surface. Basically, these mites form burrows its way through your skin, feed their and later lay eggs. More the number of mites present, severe will be the problem. Have you been suffering from itchy skin? […]

Has it ever happened to you that it started itching when you were just listening to someone stating their stories about skin mite infestations? Though it is quite common for your skin to feel itchy, due to one reason or the other, yet it is important for you to realize that many of the problems […]

Itchy skin? Rashes? Bumps? These symptoms can be quite confusing. While some might be suspecting it as skin inflammation, you may be suffering from mite infestation. If you are confused between the two most common problems, Scabies and Psoriasis, here is something to help you out. Understanding the causes! Scabies: It is referred to as […]

Just imagine you are sitting in an office meeting and your bum turns too itchy. Certainly, it will be an embarrassing condition and can be a seriously irritating matter. If this is something which happens once or twice, you might ignore it. However, if pain is included and you suspect signs like red rash, swelling, […]

Skin problems are quite common. Their permanency and causes can differ from person to person. Some of these skin issues might be minor, but there may be other which cause unbearable pain and might be life-threatening. Rashes and bumps are among the most common issues that usually happen to the skin. While a rash indicates […]