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The word dermatitis might scare you but it is another word for “rashes” in the scientific language. It is a bit difficult to diagnose this medical condition. Let us go through this medical condition and find out about it.  What is allergic contact dermatitis (ACD)? Why is it so hard to diagnose?  Allergic Contact Dermatitis […]

There are good chances for your baby to catch scabies mites having close skin contact with an infected person. Find out here how to get rid of itchy skin condition in the younger ones.  Got your child recently admitted into a kindergarten, school, or a nursing home? Is he now dealing with any of these […]

Everything around kids is very delicate and thus prone to many medical conditions if not overseen properly. You will have to stay cautious on every step to avoid all sort of medication allergies and ailments. A diaper is the first foreign cloth around a baby and thus the first ailment comes from it. Let us […]

Learn here how scabies is treated at clinic and home as well.  Over 300 million people worldwide have scabies, making it one of the common skin conditions. Scabies is a contagious disease that is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a mite that burrows under the skin. Since it is an infectious skin condition, you can catch […]

What it’s like to live with ringworm? Here we have rounded up the experiences of some people. 70% people have ringworms. It is a skin condition being characterized by circular patches with intense itching. Ringworm is caused by touching infectious person; unhygienic condition and weaken immune system. Ringworm usually affects hand, feet, scalp, nail, groin, […]

Lidocaine cream is an effective way to control your scabies itch. Learn here how to use the cream and what to keep in mind. Scabies is a contagious skin disease that is characterized by the signs like blisters, borrows and lesions. However, it is the relentless itch that makes this skin condition even horrible. Many […]

Being a very unpleasant skin disease, scabies is said to be caused due to presence of tiny mites beneath skin. Let’s find out how bathing right way can help you reducing the after effects. Have you recently found some pink and raised bumps on your skin? Are these filled with fluid and itches a lot? […]