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Human scabies occurs due to the infestation caused by an itch mite, called Sarcoptes scabiei a.k.a Hominis. It is a microscopic mite which burrows into the upper layer of your skin to breed and lay eggs. The very first and prominent sign of scabies is intense itching that becomes worse during the night, as the […]

You may be surprised to know that scabies is one of the most talked about parasitic skin condition on the internet. There are many posts indicating the spread of scabies from hotel bedding. Some people believe that scabies spread only in communities with poor hygiene or poor living conditions. But it’s not true, there are […]

Scabies is caused by itch mites that begin burrowing under the layers of your skin for laying eggs and feeding blood. It is extremely annoying condition due to uncontrollable itching, as well as due to the presence of red bumps and rashes on your skin. This condition is transmitted by prolonged skin-to-skin contact with an […]