Basic Guidelines To Follow With Scabies Treatment

Basic Guidelines To Follow With Scabies Treatment

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infestation which can happen to anybody at any point of time and the only way to get rid of scabies is by proper treatment in the form of lotions and creams and by following some basic precautions.

People have so many doubts about the treatment of scabies and they are often misguided by emotional advices from friends, family and internet forums even.

That’s why I have come up with this article to spread relevant information and guide people to deal with scabies outbreak in a practical manner.

Following are few useful advices to deal with scabies that will not just keep you off the panic and the trauma but also help in speedy recovery.

Get Your Skin Condition Diagnosed From A Doctor

In many cases people mistake normal skin allergy as scabies and then start self-medications to cure it. So, it’s best to check with the doctor and be sure of what it is. The doctor will perform tests to find out if it is scabies and then accordingly prescribe the medicine.

If Scabies, Strictly Follow The Doctor’s Instructions

If you are diagnosed with scabies start the treatment right away without listening to any emotional or sympathetic stuff from near and dear ones. If you follow the medicine properly, you will definitely get cured in time. Dr Scabies is a highly recommended and effective medicine for treatment of scabies and can be availed as an over the counter drug without doctor’s prescription.

You Can Control The Intensity Of Itch

If you continue to apply the lotions and creams regularly in the right dosage which the doctor has prescribed you then you will probably itch less. Make sure you apply the treatment to all body parts from neck down till toes and rub it thoroughly. Don’t bath with hot water while you are being treated with scabies as this will worsen the itch. If your doctor has asked to take bath before applying the topical cream then make sure do so.

There’s Nothing Bad In Isolating For A While

If you have scabies, its best to stay at home till you have been fully treated. Also, pack things that you don’t need on a regular basis and seal them in a plastic bag to keep them away for few days. Also touch as much as few things you can to avoid things from getting infected.

Disinfect All Used Items Every Morning

It’s very important to free everything of mites that you used the previous day to prevent further infection. You can wash your clothes, pillow covers, bedcovers, and handkerchiefs and then dry on high heat to kill the mites. You should also disinfect carpets, furniture etc to make sure the mites don’t exist there also.

Cut Your Nails Short

Scabies mites can easily spread to other body parts through big nails after you scratch a particular body part. Thus it is important to cut them short and not let them grow by cutting at regular intervals to avoid any mites to stick in nails and dead skin cells.

Treat Household Members And Recent Sexual Partners

It’s mandatory to treat all persons in the vicinity of scabies patient or anybody who comes in contact-household members and recent sexual partners as they are highly vulnerable to catch the infection. They should be treated equally and even see a doctor if they find any symptoms appearing. Don’t feel shy in communicating your skin condition to the person you had sex with in last 48 hours as they have the chance of outbreak.

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