Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is famous in different commercial enterprises today. Tea tree oil originates from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree and it is ordinarily clear to yellowish in color. Like all crucial oils, tea tree oil is harvested by distillation of the leaves. This tree is endemic to North-Eastern Australia and it is for the most part not used for utilization regardless of the name.

If you have ever experienced scabies, you will know how troublesome it can be to dispose of it. The tea tree oil has been observed to be extremely viable in the treatment of this skin condition. Scientists in Australia have led trials and the outcomes are promising.

Scabies; Overview

Scabies can be exceptionally infectious and can make the individual feel extremely uncomfortable. Tea tree oil will dispose of the source of the condition and additionally treating the side effects. If you have delicate skin, you ought to just utilize tea tree oil when blended with another substance. If you are accustomed to utilizing it, you might need to utilize it perfect despite the fact that this is not advised.

Tea tree oil scabies treatment

Tea tree oil is a natural as well as herbal remedy that has been utilized by the Aboriginal individuals in Australia for a large number of years. The oil is refined from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia – a plant local to New South Wales in Australia. Tea tree oil has been found to have germicide, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Studies have demonstrated that patients with scabies react well to a treatment of tea tree oil. The researches show that approx. 85-90% of the parasites were killed within an hour of being presented to 5% tea tree oil. Contrasted with Permethrin – the normal treatment for scabies – just 10% of the vermin passed on when this treatment was utilized.

Scabies treatment with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be added to your shower water for further alleviation from scabies. You can even include a few drops of tea tree oil to your clothing, wash any materials and garments that may have interacted with the scabies patient to anticipate further pollution.

Does tea tree oil for Scabies work?

Yes, tea tree oil works on scabies. It contains a substance, which is known as terpinen-4-ol. It is accepted to slaughter the scabies bug and any eggs, and in addition calming that severe itching.

The tea tree oil infiltrates into the skin’s lower layers, and starts the recuperating procedure with its calming and sterile properties.

Tea tree oil as a scabies treatment

You should use a 100% pure tea tree oil to treat scabies. Below given is the process of tea tree oil:-

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water, then include 15-20 drops of tea tree oil. Take a regular bath by following it every day.
  • You can apply tea tree oil directly to the affected areas caused by scabies. Apply with a cotton bud both morning and around evening time.
  • Wash all garments and bedding in a hot water with a few drops of tea tree oil in it and leave clothing to dry actually or in a hot dryer.
  • The entire family ought to be treated with tea tree oil showers in the meantime – this will avoid re-infestation of the scabies parasites.

Note: If after 10 days of following this process regularly for a week, there is no discernible change utilizing tea tree oil for scabies, then it’s good to consult with your doctor.

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