Best Books Eczema Sufferers Should Keep On Their Shelves

Here are the top books that contain tried and tested tips to deal with eczema.

Being an eczema sufferer, you know that living with this chronic condition is not easy. Flare ups, itch, rashes all over the body and frustration are the things you must be used to. Luckily, eczema can be managed with medications and some precautions. Besides, learning from other’s experiences is a great help.

What about reading books on eczema? Well, we are not talking about some strictly professional books written for medical students or scholars. These books are written by sufferers and professionals. These books contain the tried and tested tips by the physicians.

The Eczema Diet:

This book is an outcome of the 10 year’s research done by Australian nutritionist and skin expert, Karen Fisher. She has worked with the eczema patients who didn’t see results with all therapies and creams. Karen has treated patients of all ages, including her own daughter. The book contains her tried and tested solutions to manage eczema symptoms which are based on her decade long experience. No wonder that the book has got 4.5 stars over Amazon and has been listed into the best sellers.

This detailed guide for eczema sufferers of any age includes valuable tips on emergency itch, skin care, diet, detox, food, recipes and dandruff.

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Eczema Free: Farewell to Eczema with Natural Remedies:

As the subtitle speaks, this book is all about natural remedies of eczema. The book claims to include effective natural methods to target the root cause of eczema. The author has suggested some proven remedies which can stop your conditions from evolving. The book contains guidelines, facts and remedies that help you manage your symptoms more effectively.

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A Practical Guide to Treating Eczema in Children:

Seeing your kids suffering with eczema is quite tormenting. Sometimes, you feel helpless when they have to go through the episodes of relentless itching. This book by Dr. James Halpern, MBCH, MBChB, BMedSci, MRCP(UK)(Dermatology) Consultant Dermatologist, can help.

Dr. Halpern has spent his career “specializing in and treating children with eczema.” Above all, he is a father of two kids with eczema. Therefore, the tone of the book is sympathetic and professional at the same time. This book contains hints, tips and practices solutions based on the everyday situations and questions parents have.

Another good thing is that this book is short and pragmatic, making it easy to read.

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Eczema: Treatment Guide – How to Live Pain Free with Natural Eczema Treatments and Eczema Diet Recipes

Written by Mia Soleil, this book guides on the natural treatments, recipes and strategies for healing eczema. The book was first published in 2014. Besides, the book throws light over the causes and symptoms of eczema. Although the book contains nothing new, it can be read for its informative and useful information. Above all, the book has got some overwhelming user reviews over Amazon. The chapters of the book cover the definition of eczema, types of eczema, causes of eczema, natural treatments, anti-eczema recipes and more.

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So these are the books that help you understand eczema as well as the ways to deal with it. Keep in mind that awareness is the key to manage your eczema symptoms.

This quote by Jim Trelease says it all—“The more you read, the better you get, the more better you get, the more you like it; and the more you like it, the more you do it.”

What do you think? Want to share your favorite book on eczema with other readers? Let us know by commenting below! Happy reading!!!

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