Beyond the Body! Emotional and Psychological Effects of Scabies

Scabies is a contagious diseases caused by the mites. Although it is a common skin condition that is curable, it is not easy for most patients. A person has to suffer red rashes and glazing itch. Sometimes, initial treatment may not work for them. Then, it is quite cumbersome to go through checkups, medication and precautions. While these things are important for a person to overcome scabies, it can’t be denied that scabies takes a heavy toll on the emotional health of a sufferer. The horrible symptoms and failed treatment lead the patient to stress, negativity and even depression.

Here is a story of a scabies sufferer that says it all…

“About 18 months ago I had a small patch of bumpy, itchy skin on my arm, so I went to a dermatologist and he said “Eczema” and told me to put skin lotion on it.

Well, the itch spread from one elbow to my other elbow, up and down my arms, down to my legs, etc.

I went to another dermatologist. He said “Eczema” and told me to put regular skin lotion on it. I now have a row of bottles of useless lotion.

After months of research, I finally figured out I might have scabies. I read 5% permethrin cream was the treatment.”

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Here are some emotional and psychological effects of scabies.


The symptoms of scabies are quite annoying and life disturbing as well. Intense itching and inflamed red patches over the skin affect their routine life. A scabies sufferer has trouble falling asleep due to relentless itching. No wonder that they lose their calm and are easily annoyed.


Scabies is also a stressful condition, especially if the medication fails to bring the improvement. Taking stress can raise the inflammation level in the body. And it aggravates the condition.

Lower Self-Esteem:

Another emotional impact of scabies is lower self-esteem. This is because of the red rashes overthe body. Even worse, people with crusted scabies are frightened by the sight of their own skin. This way, scabies can affect their daily life, mood, confidence and ability to establish and manage relationship.

Not Feeling Good with Scabies Medication:

The smell or appearance of the scabies cream can be allergic to some patients. Permethrin cream is a basic medication for scabies. It may cause rare allergic reaction like rashes, dizziness, trouble breathing and swelling throat. The patient may fear or embarrassment lest other see their scabies medication.

Feeling Social Isolation:

Scabies patients are less likely to be social due to their symptoms and precautions as well. The staying away of family and friends from them also make them feel as if they are socially isolated.

Frustration Caused by Treatment and Process:

Treatment helps manage the symptoms of scabies. However, it may take time to improve the skin condition. The process and delayed results made the sufferers shocked, confused and angry. If the treatment fails to work, a doctor orders for other treatment or medication which is frustrating in itself.

Not all people feel confident when meeting a new doctor for nurse for the first time. They may also feel that they are just wasting their money as they are not seeing the results.

Don’t Lose Your Calm! Scabies is Curable

Scabies is a curable disease, even with some simple OTC medication. However, feeling stressed and frustrated can worse the condition for the patients. They should accept that they have scabies that causes annoying symptoms. You are not the first or the last one with this disease. Be realistic towards the treatment and don’t accept that you get an overnight improvement. Follow your doctor and you will get rid of this disease easily.

To calm your nerves, practice medication and some easy yoga moves.

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