Bikini Wax: How to Carry Out Properly?

If you are looking for a nice and clean bikini line, then it is not necessary to book an appointment with your expert. Also you don’t need to spare special time from your busy schedule. Why? It’s simple; you can get the things done right at your home.  How? Let’s find out.

A bikini waxing at home… does this sound weird to you? Well if you think it is something hard to do, then you are probably wrong. It is a great option for all the women who are looking for a cheaper, safer and easier hair removal solution. As far as waxing is considered, it is well known to produce a smooth and hairless finish. It is those extreme results which last longer than any other method and offer beautiful skin. So, whether you're going on vacation or you have some other reason, performing a wax can simply let you work worry-free.

Often it is found that people are afraid of bikini waxes, and they have different reasons for it. For some it is the thought of letting an unfamiliar person to work for your personal space and for others it can be the fear of pain. Also, not to miss here that spas and salons nowadays are having some bad reviews. All due to the poor cleanliness habits and incorrect methods which they employ!

Hence, if you're cautious about sanitation and want to keep things bit personal, you can give it a try at home. While you'll be able to feel safe, you will be well known to the potential risks too.

Steps to follow for a perfect bikini wax at home:

Start with Cleaning: Firstly, wash your hands nicely and then begin the process by organizing all your materials. Make sure that you have enough and clean cotton and paper towels on hand to maintain cleanliness throughout the process. Now, it is time to clean your bikini area. Wash it with antiseptic and then dry.

Pamper It: For this purpose, you can either use pre-wax oil or a powder before you apply that bikini wax. In case, your chosen wax is hard wax, go for oil. And powder is an option for an alternative type of wax.

Test The Temperature of the Wax: While most of the people use hot wax, it is important to know that it should be about the consistency of honey. In case, it is thinner, then your wax is most likely too hot and can turn unsafe. So, make sure you check the wax on the inside of your wrist. This can save your sensitive parts.

Wax The Area: Now it is time to apply wax to the bikini area in segments. Here you will need an applicator to apply the wax, running in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. Now move back over the section in the similar direction of hair growth. Using a new applicator for each time when you dip in to the hot wax is a good idea.

Pull It Off: You will need muslin or a cloth strip for this purpose. Simply place it over the wax and rub the cloth with your palms in the same direction of hair growth. Ensure that the strip is secure. Remember, you need to hold the skin tightly with your hand. Using your other hand, take off the strip. Try to remove the wax using a fast movement and while you are removing the strip, keep your hand as close to your leg as possible.  

Try to Make It Pain Free: This could be the biggest task! What you can do is apply pressure to the area; it would help you feel at ease. Remember, the moment you remove the wax, you have to apply pressure to the skin.

Here, you can repeat the process if needed. In the end, just clean the skin and do remove any wax, if it is still there. You can also apply a post-wax cream to calm the region and prevent irritation, and infection. So, now you are well known to the process and the benefits. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."