Bloggers Share Their Life Experiences With Eczema

Here we have compiled life experiences of bloggers with eczema…

This is How Eczema Has Been a Trauma for Nell…


“I get eczema on my hands between the fingers, and I scratch it like hell. It drives me insane, but usually, a bit of cortisone cream or antiseptic spray will knock it on its head. For some reason, it affected my legs last summer. I didn’t notice at first, and it just seemed to be slightly itchy and red. Then we had a heatwave, and night after night, my eczema became inflamed and spread. I presumed it was getting irritated because of the heat and that it would go away when the weather got colder. This was not the case.

Nearly eight months later, I still have a large patch of eczema on my left leg. I have tried cortisone cream, moisturizer, antiseptics, and just about everything else. It just doesn’t want to go away.”


Eczema Has a Deep Psychological Impact….

“And I was also…I was also, I think…no I wasn’t, there was another person, but there was only two people that were my skin tone as well back then. So, I was bullied for my hair, my skin, everything and it…and as a kid, you know you don’t feel…I never had that much friends, that’s why that friend I’ve known for thirteen years was the only one I had during that time. So, yeah that, as a kid, I can’t really say cos you don’t…you’re just a child, you don’t understand feelings that well, you just sort of know, you know you feel sad. I remember refusing to go to school cos I didn’t want people to stare at me and stuff like that. So, it would get quite psychological.”

Healthy Diet Helped Abby Achieve Total Healing…

“As an individual who was covered almost 100% from head to toe with severe eczema, my doctor said mine was one of the worst they had ever seen…..  I was unable to wear t-shirts during the hot summer; it was very traumatic, and I kept praying and praying for God to cure me

…. I saw a naturopath and nutritionist and was told that it was nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, a damaged gut, and product sensitivities that were causing it.

…..As I eliminated the allergens – wheat, sugar, MSG, processed foods, etc. – and filled my body with the nutrients that it was missing (i.e. through lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and superfoods), within 2 months, my body experienced dramatic healing. This was miraculous! It had never happened before. Of course, it took about another year to see 90% of my skin heal – since so much damage had been done. It took another while to see the last 10% heal.”


This Lifestyle Blogger Also Experienced Healing with Healthy Diet

“I had eczema as long as I could remember in my childhood. I distinctly recall bringing my prescription steroid creams to sleepovers at friend’s houses in grade school and embarrassingly applying it all over my arms and legs before bed at a Girl Scout campout. My red, scaly, itchy rash was ever present and only seemed to worsen with age. As I reached my early adolescence it was becoming much more bothersome in my life and something I felt ashamed about…

….Up to this point in my life, I ate standard foods just like any other kid. I was a heavy consumer of pasta, pizza, cookies, crackers, cereal, and all of the normal foods kids typically enjoy. When I removed these foods from my diet, I primarily ate rice, lots of veggies and salads, fish, turkey, chicken, and eggs. Within a couple of weeks, my eczema was completely 100% gone.”

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