Brief History of the Discovery Of Scabies

Scabies is a common skin infection that is seen in every country, in all kinds of people and societies. It has been infecting humans for over 2500 years. It is a skin infection that is very contagious and can spread quickly by skin to skin contact.

Let’s read a little more about the history of this dreaded parasite –

1. WHO (World Health Organization)

WHO classifies Scabies as a water-borne disease because of its connection to personal hygiene! However, the Scabies mites are not fully dependent on water for transmission.

2. The view today

For many centuries physicians and naturalist were trying to figure out the parasite and ways to control it. Today the epidemic proportions of the parasite are rarely seen and countries worldwide are recommending stringent measures to control it.

3. The discovery

The oldest records of Scabies are found in Egypt that depict humans infected with symptoms similar to Scabies. In the seventeenth century, it was believed to be a humoral disease and possibly associated with a parasite.

4. Australian records

There have been records in Australia that date as back as 1687, about the discovery of Scabies mites. The ethnic groups were some of the first case studies that were observed closely to study the disease.

Are you infected?

If you are in doubt whether you have scabies or not, make sure to read about the signs of scabies as soon as possible. A self diagnosis can help you ascertain whether you are infected or not. If you are, make sure to start Dr Scabies treatment at the earliest.

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