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The information on the Internet can baffle you and leave you with a load of questions. Scabies mites are parasites that infest the human body and start burrowing underneath the skin. The female maggot lays eggs and in a very short period of time, a whole colony is crawling under your skin.

The disease is very infectious and if proper care is not taken, soon the whole family and pets are infected with it. There is intense itching and burning. Your approach to this depressed state should be very quick and precise in order to get rid of the bug at the earliest.

The doctor might be able to advise you, but he cannot put himself in your shoes and imagine the trauma you are going through. Most of them might diagnose it as eczema or a passing allergy and not take it so seriously.

But, if you are still looking online, we assume that you did not get the desired results and relief as promised.

Don’t jump at the low prices

A low price or a package deal does not necessarily imply that it is the right line of treatment too. When it comes to your health and peace of mind, the lowest price should ring a warning bell in your head. The Permethrin based creams have pesticides in them and seldom work in controlling the infestation of the mites. A dozen or so companies will offer them to you, but do you want to expose you body to a neurotoxin?

Educate yourself about the side effects of such creams which include itching, redness, stinging and swelling. Certain patients have also reported first stage cancer after using them. We suggest your search should go beyond Permethrin and not stop at it.

Buy Scabies Treatment Online the right way

Look for a solution that is long lasting and gets rids of the mites for life. Dr. Scabies is a natural ingredients based treatment that can get rid of Scabies in four to seven days. It provides you protection against infestation, is effective and safe.

So next time when you are searching for relief from Scabies, choose Dr. Scabies – a natural solution, with no side effects and fast relief. Place your order online, there are no third party sellers, and get it delivered to your door step

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