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Truth be told, scabies are miserable. The nasty, microscopic insects creating burrows and rapidly setting up colonies of their own kind on your skin won’t just give up until you get yourself treated.

But who do you ask for help?

The problem is that majority of health practitioners cannot put themselves in your shoes when you ask for a way out. They don’t know just how serious this disease is or worse, brush it off as an allergy or eczema.

Even if you are prescribed a medication and do actually follow a scabies treatment regimen for some time, chances are that you’ve still had no success. That’s why you’re looking to buy treatment for scabies online, right?

The Wrong Way to Buy Treatment Online

First things first, don’t settle with a regular, over the counter treatment product that’s being sold at a throwaway price on the Internet. It will do more harm in the long run.

Take permethrin based products, for example. These products are easily available online and are sold by dozens of companies with different labels. Permethrin is a generic drug and it’s basically a neurotoxin.

A large number of companies are selling these cheap and easy-to-manufacture products (that are basically using insecticides) online; it’s likely that you will come across many variants.

But all permethrin products come with the risk of serious side effects including itching, redness, stinging and swelling. Some studies even reported that it may cause cancer in some people.

So, when you are buying scabies treatment online, don’t halt your search at permethrin. Look further. There’re better treatment options available.

The Right Way to Buy Scabies Treatment Online

Whether it’s the first time you’ve had a faceoff with this nasty disease or you’ve been unlucky enough to get it a second time, you should now focus on finding a lasting solution.

Permethrin is ruled out. Home remedies may serve as a quick fix for some time but they are usually ineffective in the long run. Those nasty little insects will come back again and make you wish that you should have tried harder.

If you want a safe, effective and permanent solution that acts fast and leaves no traces of mites, it’s about time you choose something like Dr. Scabies. It’s a rare exception. Even if you meet a doctor who has known enough patients affected by scabies, s/he would most certainly recommend Dr. Scabies for quick relief.

Strange as it may sound, Dr. Scabies is an all natural scabies treatment option that you can avail online. And since it’s sold directly by the manufacture, you need not be afraid of buying it from a rogue distributor or a third party seller. 

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