Can Bedbugs Cause Scabies?

An insect bite can be readily diagnosed when the insect remains on the site of the bite, as in blood suckers like flies, mosquitoes.

Parasites that are not visible are not easy to catch. They mostly are microscopic and often bite when the patient is sleeping. Scabies mites along with bed bugs and sand flies fall in this category. The bites look similar in the form of red papules, but the line of treatment of each one of them is different.

1. Mites and Bed bugs

The Sarcoptes mites that cause Scabies are distantly similar from bed bugs. Most mites have eight legs and bugs have six legs. The mites of Scabies are obligate and can only survive inside the body of the host. The bed bugs are active outside the body of the host at night, drink blood and retreat back to their colonies.

2. The Life Cycle of the Mites

The Scabies infection is not transmitted by the bed bugs, contrary to popular conception.

The mites have to burrow under the skin in order to survive and reproduce. They just need a warm and moist place in order to keep burrowing and laying eggs. The human skin is ideal for them to grow as it provides adequate moisture and warmth.

3. The Connection with Bed Bugs

Once a patient is infected with Scabies, he faces severe itching and it gets very intense in the night.

Once the body warms up, the mites become more active and multiply rapidly. This causes very severe itching and forces the patient to scratch himself. This scratching causes wounds from where bleeding occurs. Hence, these bloody sites become favorite haunts for the bed bugs.

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