Can Dr. Scabies Heal Hemorrhoids?

Learn here if Dr. Scabies can help you with hemorrhoids pain.

Reaching for hemorrhoids medicine is quite natural when hemorrhoids pain torments your daily life. Generally, these creams aim to reduce irritation and inflammation to ensure relief around the anal area. Hemorrhoids creams are both available as OTC and prescription medicine.

Our customers have asked us if they can use Dr. Scabies to heal hemorrhoids symptoms.

After all, Dr. Scabies heals the rashes and irritation. Therefore, it is obvious to ask if the cream can be effective for hemorrhoids.

We don’t want to test your patience. But to give our verdict, let’s have a brief explanation of its ingredients first.

What Does Dr. Scabies Contain?

Dr. Scabies is packed with the power of citronella oil, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, green tea and chamomile extract. Tea tree oil is a powerful component in Dr. Scabies as it kills bacteria and infection as well. The oil contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial antiseptic and anti-viral properties. It can disinfect minor cuts, wounds and insect bites. To promote healing, the cream includes green tea extract.

Other healing components are coconut oil, chamomile extract, vitamin E and sesame oil. Dr. Scabies is also safe on sensitive skin.

Unlike creams with harsh chemicals, it doesn’t contain alcohol, steroids, fragrance or petrochemicals which may aggravate your itch and pain. Hence, it’s safe to use even without prescription.

Penetration Rate of Dr. Scabies…

The cream ensures faster and deeper penetration into the skin, compared to many topical creams. Upon penetration, the cream prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses present on the skin.

Our Verdict:

Dr. Scabies promotes healing and soothes the itch. This is why it can be used to ease your hemorrhoids flare ups and other symptoms. It also helps in minimizing redness, itching, pain and inflammation.

Directions to Use Dr. Scabies for Hemorrhoids

• Wash your affected area using soap and water.
• Pat it dry with a clean towel or paper napkin.
• Wear disposable gloves and apply Dr. Scabies cream liberally over the affected areas.

You will experience relief within a moment. For better results, apply the cream daily.

Note: Dr. Scabies can help you with the mild symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is not a complete treatment for hemorrhoids. If you are not getting results, see your doctor or shop hemorrhoids cream.

Lifestyle Changes are Also Important:

Using Dr. Scabies is not enough. To get better results, consider healthy lifestyle, diet and other things to improve your conditions. In other words, you should follow the precautions to prevent your hemorrhoids getting worse or reoccurring.

Take High-Fiber Diet:

Consider taking fiber food like berries, figs, sprouts, beans, lentils, chia seeds, nuts and avocados. This is because of their easy digestion by the body which turn keeps the stool soft and easy to pass out.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It will keep your stool soft and ease bowel movement too.

Minimize Your Intake of Alcohol and Spicy Foods:

Alcohol can take a toll on the digestive system negatively. Spicy foods also worsen hemorrhoids. Minimize the intake of such foods until the hemorrhoids have gone.

Good Toilet Habits are also Important:

Don’t delay if you have a strong urge to use the toilet. Delays will make the stool harder, meaning that you have to push it harder, creating excessive pressure over the rectum veins. Don’t spend excessive time on the toilet as it may worse your problem.

Bottom Line:

Dr. Scabies is a homeopathic solution which can be used to treat the mild symptoms of hemorrhoids. However, as we have told you before, see a physician if there is no improvement. Take care of your lifestyle and diet to keep hemorrhoids symptoms in control.

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