Can Having Scabies Cause Your Hair to Fall Out?

A treatment for Scabies infection is considered successful only when it is able to control the re-infestation of the mites. A severe re-infestation of the infection is in the scalp only when the treatment has failed to eradicate the infection.

The infection causes intense itching and skin degradation, ultimately leading to breakage of the hair. Repeated treatments cause the hair to fall out in some cases. Permethrin based creams, especially are known to take scabies infection to such stages.

Normal Course of Infection

In a normal course of Scabies infection, the mites only infect the regions below the neck.

The armpits, the soles of the feet, chest and genital areas are the common target areas of the infection.

The areas where the victim wears jewelry are the favorite hangouts of the mites. They don’t normally affect the scalp area.

Hair fall due to scabies, therefore, is not normal (in the head). Other areas in your body (that are affected by scabies) may of course lose hair for some time.

What Exactly Is Scabies?

Scabies is one of the most contagious skin infections in the human history. It is caused by microscopic, wingless insects called mites or the human itch.

The size of the mites id 0.2mm to 0.4 mm and makes it impossible to be seen by the naked eye.

But, not every itch in your head is pointing towards scabies. If you’ve noticed something like that, get yourself checked for head lice first.

If you notice Scabies in any other part of your body, get yourself treated with Dr Scabies. Don’t waste your time procrastinating, not even a day. 

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