Can I Catch Scabies From My Rabbit?

Animal Scabies is often diagnosed in rabbits, dogs and cats. Read on to know whether you can catch scabies from your rabbit or not.

Mites that live on pets are not the ones found on humans. They might get transmitted to humans from a rabbit but are unable to reproduce on humans and die in a few days. So, you can be relieved that your cute little rabbit won’t pass on the infection to you.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Mites from a rabbit might cause a short-lived bout of itchiness but that’s the most they can do.
  2. The humans need no treatment for it, but the rabbits need to be treated for Animal Scabies at the earliest.
  3. Reports have shown that for an animal mite to get adapted to humans the time period would range into years. Since rabbits do not live inside the house, the probability of the entire family getting infected is not so high.
  4. If gloves are worn while tending to the rabbits, the chances of an infection will only be lowered. However, if itching is felt between the fingers, which becomes intense in the night, the victim needs to see a doctor right away.
  5. The right treatment (only with histamines) will only provide relief from itching; it will not help you get rid of the mites if any.
  6. Diagnosis of Scabies is not easy and is often confused with other skin infections. It is strongly advised to go to an experienced doctor for diagnosis (preferably a dermatologist.)

You have a choice between going for a permethrin based cream that has long term side effects and no guaranteed relief. Or you can opt for a natural product like Dr. Scabies, which has sulfur as the active ingredient.

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