Can I Get Scabies From My Dog?

Scabies from pets, Scabies Infestation, Scabies InfectionContrary to popular belief, Animals do not spread human Scabies. But they can spread animal Scabies if the human comes in close contact with them.

Sarcoptic mange is the scientific name of Animal Scabies. It can be easily be passed on from dogs and cats to humans.

Let’s read on a little more about it – 

1. How Is Animal Scabies Transmitted?

When a human comes in close contact with a dog affected by Animal Scabies, the former can get infected by this parasite.

A rash will be seen on the skin of the human, followed by mild itching sensations. It can also lead to hair loss and scabs. The symptoms will be more pronounced in the animal.

2. Steps for Prevention

In order to protect yourself and the pet, it is essential to wash all the bedding and other grooming materials. The washing pattern should be regular and consistent.

There are sprays and other disinfectants available in the market that can be applied to the dog. These will ensure that the mites do not attach themselves to his body indefinitely.

3. Symptoms of Animal Scabies

If the dog keeps scratching himself, you should suspect a Scabies infection. He could also lose hair around his legs, chest and elbows. In case of any doubt, please visit a vet and inform him of the symptoms. In the case of humans, animal scabies cannot penetrate very deep inside the skin and the most a person will feel is a mild itch. It is important to get the animal treated right away to get rid of the infection.

Symptoms of animal scabies are not so easy to identify. Rashes and hair loss are two signs you should look for in case you think your pet may have got scabies.

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