Can I Get Scabies From Pets?

One of the biggest challenges you might face today, is to stay away from any kind of infection and infestation. Yes, it’s quite common today and before doing something, like having a pet in the home, the first question to hit across would be, is it safe?

While there are many problems you might get from your pets, as far as scabies is concerned, different people have different experiences. Hence, if you are pondering answer to question like ‘Can I get scabies from pets?’ here, you will get your answers. Start reading!

Most of the readers might not be aware of what scabies actually are, for them, here’s a brief outlook:

Scabies is not an infection, rather it can be better known as an unfavorable skin condition occurs because of infestation of Sarcoptes Scabies which is a microscopic mite. It can happen to anyone, regardless of time, age factor, gender, race, etc. Usually, it is the female insect which burrows into the skin, like from your fingers, hands, armpits, inner thighs, wrists, heels, elbows, or , waist. Now these mites can survive on their human hosts up to several weeks. These can further proceed to lay up to three eggs daily for about five weeks. Later, when the eggs hatch, the presence of new mites repeats the cycle. Do you know globally it affects more than 130 million people at any time?

The problem has to be diagnosed by a clinical expert. Its detection causes apprehension in the patient as well as the clinician. Also the patients and their families are disgusted by the prospect of getting infested by the “bugs”.  In the same queue, they are frightened by the reason of the infestation, which they might confuse with the presence of pets around them.

Now, let us answer the myth, can you get scabies from pets?

Scabies is species-specific, which crawls on the skin, produce excessive itching, but it doesn’t get multiplied and after some time period, it dies too. Just as humans, cats, dogs, and other pets get scabies, which is known as ‘Mange’ in them. These mites probably get transferred to humans when they handle the infested pet, but these mites can’t survive for long even if they get transmitted on to humans. They don’t remain able to carry on their life cycle after reaching human skin.

This would mean, even having the symptoms of infection or animal scabies, this can’t ever be recalled as a disease. Not just dog or cat, but any pet, including rabbit or any other, can get infested from scabies. So, you can get scabies from your pet but that would be a serious issue as those mites can’t ever reproduce on human skin. They automatically die without causing any problem.

However, it doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t take precautions for that. If any animal or pet gets infected, then it’s better to keep a distance from them and stop hugging and taking them in your lap, until they get properly treated.

Lastly, there is a common question asked about scabies, ‘Is Scabies Contagious?’

Yes, it is. Being a highly contagious skin infestation it can affect people around the infested person immensely. It has to be treated wisely and efficiently. For this you can consider a homeopathic remedy like Dr. Scabies. It is one of the best products offering an efficient treatment regimen which is completely safe on the skin. While it treats your scabies naturally, the main core of each product is SULFUR. This ingredient has been approved and recognized for treatment of this mite infestation. Want to buy it? Order here!

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