Can I Get Scabies Infection Form A Co-Worker?

Scabies Infection, Scabies InfestationScabies can spread by any type of prolonged skin contact with an infected person, at the time of sexual intercourse or by sharing personal items.

Scabies is a highly infectious skin disease that is caused by a parasite. This human itch mite lives inside the human body and feeds on it. In order to protect ourselves from this infection, we all should be aware of how it spreads and take necessary steps for prevention.

Read on to know what is to be done if one of your colleagues at your workplace has scabies –

1. If a Co-Worker is Likely to Have Scabies

The moment you get to know that a worker has Scabies, all kinds of questions start popping in your head.

Should the office be sprayed? Should it be fumigated? How about not even coming close!

The first thing to do is not to be judgmental. Be practical and take preventive steps.

In case a co-worker suspects he has Scabies, he should be advised to visit a doctor immediately.

2. The Work Place

Scabies only spreads by skin to skin contact. Employees who are suspected of being hosts should be sent for a complete evaluation and treated if confirmed of the infection.

The mites cannot survive for more than 48 to 72 hours if they do not have a host at their disposal. Hence, there is no need to spray or fumigate the office. They will die a natural death as long as others living off hosts’ bodies are dealt with by using a good treatment like Dr Scabies.

3. Employees in Close Contact

Everyone who has been in close contact with the infected person should be considered for immediate scabies treatment. A brief handshake or an informal hug is reason enough for getting them evaluated.

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