Can I Go to Office If I’ve Got Scabies?

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that occurs commonly in the urban population. There are many treatments available in the market for it. There are products based on Permethrin that bring along side effects in huge numbers and then, there are some natural products like Dr. Scabies too.

We know the itching, pain and the thought of a female parasite burrowing can be a very stressful and depressing experience.

Read on more to know if going to office when infected by the Scabies infection is a good idea or not –

First Things First – Limit Public Contact

Scabies is a very infections disease; so the first thing to do after diagnosis, is to limit public contact. If it means taking few days off, you’ve to do it.

The infection takes four weeks to bloom. So, you might infect a large number of people unconsciously.

So, avoid physical contact with office colleagues as well as your family members (especially children).  

Get Yourself Treated at the Earliest

Infected adults can return to work after the first line of treatment, if really necessary.

The first line of treatment basically implies that the mites have been killed and are not around to jump on other hosts.

The Second Line of Treatment

In this second line of defense, the mites that might have hatched during the course of the first treatment are killed. The gap between the two treatments is usually a week. In order to protect other people from the infection, maintain a safe distance.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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