Can I treat Scabies with Garlic and onion juice

Scabies are awful when get exacerbate. The areas that are for the most part influenced because of scabies are fingers, knees, wrinkles of the breast, buttocks with red patches, hives, small bites or pimple-like. They are at times misinformed with skin diseases or hypersensitivity as they are irritating. The way that the mites are infinitesimal and can’t be seen effortlessly aggravate matters. Scabies can be effectively treated at home, however at times, regardless you require medical care regarding totally dispense with the infection.

Can I treat Scabies with Garlic and onion juice

It’s a kind of illness that is for the most part found in children and youthful ones brought on by Sarcoptes Scabiei, known as a mite or parasite. This skin ailment is connected with manifestations such as rashes, redness, tingling and monstrous agony. It is a transmittable ailment that rapidly spread starting with one individual, then onto the next. The eccentricity of the sickness is that the tingling will be more around evening time. The Dermatologist will help you to dispose of scabies with a prescription, but you can try to treat scabies with natural cures moreover.

Life cycle begins from egg treatment to reproductive development, happens in around 10 days for males and 14 days for females. Females regularly live for 30 days or more in the wake of achieving sexual development.

Uses of herbal medicines

The uses of natural pharmaceuticals to treat skin infections have been a typical practice as old as humanity. Plants are utilized to treat numerous skin diseases. A few plants were explored for treatment of skin sickness extending from tingling to skin growth. In an overview, it was inferred that there are more than 30 plants that are very much capable of treating different skin illnesses during the previous 17 years.

We arrive examining about scabies and to treat well the scabies influenced individual, onion and garlic are the best plants that lessen the agony and tingling. One can either have a juice of garlic or onion, or have a juice of onion and garlic together, to treat the scabies well.

Below is something more on garlic and onion, stay connected…


Garlic is an incredible antibacterial operator and exceptionally strong with the goal that it can uproot the genuine parasites that cause the disease, garlic works in two ways. To begin with, it follows up on the disease and keeps further infections from setting in. Incessant utilization of garlic paste will, likewise, cover the tiny mites and keep its activity on the skin.

You can even intake the garlic juice or apply a paste of it on the affected area, which will help in treating scabies effectively. Take garlic separate and apply on the affected area. Alongside that, you can likewise take 3-4 cloves of garlic consistently for inner activity. Ensure that you apply garlic for 3 days on the skin and leave a gap of two days before proceeding keeping in mind the end goal to keep the skin from smoldering.


Do you know the Onion is the marvel solution for scabies? As the Quercetin present in it, helps in the mitigating of the influenced skin. Quercetin, along with the presence of sulfur mixes in onion, help in treating and annihilating the scabies and the parasites on the skin and keep the infection from spreading to others as well.

Everything you need is to take an Onion and mesh it in the blend. The juice can be applied on the scabies affected skin and left on for the whole day. Make sure that for the best results have the juice and apply the paste on time. Soon, you’ll see that the skin will return to normal and the bugs also evacuated.

Take Away: Is scabies happened to you for the first time? If yes, then it will last for 4-6 weeks. At this time, when you don’t have signs or symptoms of scabies, you can transfer scabies to other individuals. After you’ve had scabies once, your body gets to be sharpened, and you more normally come to know when you’ve gotten it again within a couple of days.

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