Can Re-Infestation Occur After Using Permethrin Cream?

Scabies Mites, Permethrin, Dr. Scabies Natural TreatmentOver the last decade it has been observed that the effectiveness of Permethrin against Scabies is steadily on the decline. There have been several reports of patients complaining of a re-infestation within a very short period. It is known for a fact that Permethrin belongs to a family of drugs called pyrethrins. This family of chemicals is often used in pesticides manufactured for large scale commercial use.

Let’s read more about re-infestation and how it can be avoided –

1. Scabies infection

It needs to be remembered that once a member of a family gets infected with Scabies, the whole family needs to be treated for it. The infection can spread by personal contact and the first symptoms of the infection take almost two to four weeks to show.

2. Re-Infestation after a Complete Treatment with Permethrin

Once the treatment is complete, the surface of the skin will still display blisters and nodules. In certain cases in a very short gap new burrows are spotted indicating a re-surge of the mite and a new bout of infection.

3. Keep an Alternative Method Handy

It is strongly advised not to rely on just one mode of treatment for eradication of Scabies mites. Like in the case of Permethrin, if the treatment fails, a patient is back to stage 1.

4. Go for Dr. Scabies

Now that you know that permethrin can also fail, try Dr. Scabies, one of the most reliable and trusted names in Scabicides in the market today. It is has a higher level of penetration and can eradicate all the remains of the mites.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites


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