Can Sauna Kill Scabies Mites?

Can sauna really treat scabies? Find your answer here…

Can Sauna Kill Scabies

One of the much hyped scabies remedies is sauna. You must be wondering how sauna can kill scabies mites. Well, scabies mites will die if exposed to a temperature of 500 or 122o C for 10 minutes (according to the CDC). And a sauna room has temperature above 700C and upwards, meaning that sitting in a hot sauna for 10 minutes would eliminate all the mites. But this is not completely true for two reasons. 

Sauna Can Kill Mites on Skin Surface:

Scabies mites reside underneath the skin. It simply means that the sauna heat can kill the mites living on the surface. But it may not be effective for the mites living underneath the skin. They will continue to survive and breed. 

The Body Temperature Doesn’t Go Up in a Sauna:

Another reason is that a sauna doesn’t increase the core temperature of your body. Sitting in a 700 C sauna doesn’t mean the body temperature be parallel to that level. The body temperature will go to nearly 41 or 42°C (108°F).

This is because the body regulates its temperature to withstand the environment. If you’re living in extreme cold climate, your body struggles to maintain the body temperature to help you survive. The same thing happens in a sauna. So any mites under the surface of the skin can survive that temperature. 

Should Sauna Be Encouraged to Deal with Scabies?

Using sauna will kill some surface mites, if it is not able to kill the mites living underneath. However, a sauna is not a complete treatment. It is just a way to ensure that some of the mites on the surface are removed. Therefore, choose a prescribed treatment instead of relying on a sauna treatment to remove your scabies. 

You can use permethrin and ivermecting cream which are also available as an OTC drug. Or there are a range of home remedies like tea tree oil and neem oil. 

Dr. Scabies is an effective homeopathic cream for scabies. It soothes the itch and promotes healing as it contains the goodness of healing ingredients like chamomile, sesame, palm, sulfur and plant oils. It penetrates and melts the of the extrinsic body structure of scabies mites and eggs. Dr. Scabies® Natural Scabies Sulfur Cream is great for both mild to extensive cases. 

Apart from healing, it prevents and gives relief from secondary bacterial infection which is a common complication of scabies infestation.

All you need to combine your scabies treatment with sauna routine to see benefits. 

How to Use Saunas for Scabies?

Avoid Taking Excessive Sauna:

The ideal time to spend in the sauna is 15 minutes as scabies die after ten minutes exposer above 120 degrees. So staying for very long is just unnecessary. Then, your body needs rest and recovery as immune system is already overworking to fight infection, not intense treatments. 

Apply Scabies Killing Oils or Dr. Scabies Cream after Sauna:

Sauna leaves your pores open from the heavy sweat. And the open pores help the absorption of the skin creams into the skin. Why not use scabies cream after taking a sauna? You can use moisturizer like tea tree oil as it is antibacterial in nature. For better results, you can use Dr. Scabies cream

Bottom Line:

Sauna only kills the mites living on the surface. It can’t kill on the mites living underneath the skin. So, sauna can be a part for your scabies treatment, but can’t be a complete treatment. You can use OTC creams to get rid of scabies. However, see your physician if the scabies symptoms turn worse or there is no improvement. 


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