Can Scabies Fly?

If Scabies mites could fly, treating the scabies infection would probably be the topmost priority for all nations in the world. These mites could almost take over the world if it was so.

Thank God, they cannot fly or jump from one person to another. These nasty creatures are too small to do that and they can just crawl and that too in certain favorable environs.

The Basics

Scabies is a terrible infection of the skin that is caused by the parasitic Scabies mites. Coming in personal contact with the infected person transmits it. The first symptoms of the infection will show up in about four to six weeks. These microscopic parasites can create intense itching and discomfort to the host.

Common Areas of Infection

The folds of the skin are the areas where the mites are found.

The skin between the fingers, the arm pits, the genitals and soles of the feet are common distress areas in Scabies infection.

Symptoms of Scabies Infection

The first symptom of Scabies infection is the appearance of a pimple like rash that is often seen in a zigzag or line formation.

The patient experiences intense itching and scratching in the infected region.

Timely Treatment Is Crucial

Any rash that does not subside in three to four days should be shown to the doctor right away. The doctor will take skin scraps and examine them closely in order to determine if the patient has Scabies.

Home Remedies to the Rescue

The time period, in which the patient is deciding on when to go to see the doctor, home remedies can provide him temporary relief.

An infected person can also go for an over-the-counter natural product like Dr. Scabies. Pesticide based creams should be avoided. 

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