Can Scabies Itching Worsen With Permethrin?

Were you recently suffering from scabies? Did you use Permethrin based cream?

While there are number of solutions which consist of permethrin, there are several reports stating the adverse effects of the same. Are you getting new bumps after using it? There are chances that scabies itching becomes worse after using such a conventional scabies treatment.

If you are new to scabies, getting infested with this contagious skin infestation is not a laughing matter. In fact, it can be quite embarrassing for most of the individuals. The eight legged scabies mites can easily transfer from one human body to another. When these crawl and form burrows into your skin, they lead to itching and other symptoms. Also these mites can feed on their host and lay their eggs. The worst thing is that at first you won’t see any marks or rashes. However, with passage of time you will observe the other symptoms as well.

When it comes to the most frustrating part, it is none other than extreme itching which tends to become worse at night. Basically, it is due to reaction of your skin with their eggs and waste matter which make your skin irritated. There have been many cases where people find it really frustrating to get a good amount of sleep, all due to intense itching.

Know about the permethrin treatment!

Permethrin has been used as one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for mite infestation. Being a synthetic chemical it has been found to very useful for a very wide range of insecticidal activity. Do you know it works by attacking certain nerve endings of the bugs? Yes, it causes a complex reaction to mites’ different organs that causes destruction to their nervous system, leading to death of the scabies mites. As stated above, the irritation is due to your skin reaction with the mites and their waste. There are chances that new bumps can occur after you are done with Permethrin treatment. It occurs due to the fact that chemical aggravated the original rash.

Besides, you need to know that Permethrin is a chemical. It is made from the synthetic form of Pyrethrum, a common ingredient found in insecticides. Thus, application of a permethrin based cream can make your skin itchier and leave you with a stinging and burning feeling. In fact, there are many people who have observed a violent reaction due to Pyrethrum.

Wondering if not permethrin, what to use for scabies treatment? The answer is here.

How to treat scabies safely and efficiently?

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