Can Scabies Kill or Really Make You Sick, If You Had Them From A Long Time?

Problem: I am suffering from scabies from a long time and still it is not under control. If it continues, can it result into death or prolonged sickness?

scabies treatment

Expert advice: Scabies is one kind of skin disorder that makes the skin too itchy and scratchy. The causal organism for this is the scabies mite, the scientific name for which is Sacroptes scabiei, which is a kind of parasite and worsens the condition of the skin as it grows. The mite is not visible through the naked eye and can only be seen through the microscope. 

This is a communicable disease, whichis transferred from one person to another through a direct physical contact. Although it can be treated with proper medication and care but it is difficult to get over with it easily.


Why is scabies difficult to treat?

The reason is that the eggs multiply at a rapid rate and spread throughout the body and it is difficult to completely get the body rid of them. Undoubtedly, scabies is difficult to get over with because the mites last for a longer time and donot disappear. But scabies cannot result into death so easily. It can definitely last for a longer span of time and in some cases, it has been seen that the infection persists if untreated. But possibly death is not so easily caused due to this. Scabies if untreated for a longer time then can definitely lead to some serious consequences.

What can cause scabies to last long?

tching and irritation are the symptoms of scabies, whichcan be felt at very early stages. Although they can be treated with, the use of lotions and taking some precautions but sometimes the infection doesn’t go so easily. Such a situation may arise if your surroundings are not disinfected and your personal belongings are not properly being cleaned.

Secondly, when many people are infested with scabies in a home, the possibility of its long lastingness or/and recurrence might increase.

Treatment for scabies 

The moment you discover some itching or scratching, you should not wait for it to get worse. You should right away start with the treatment and check with the doctor immediately. 

Homeopathic Scabies Treatment

  • The primary way is to get your belongings disinfected properly including your pillow covers, bed sheets, towels, clothes and everything around you. Floors should also be disinfected and cleaned daily.
  • Sulphur is one of the popular compounds, whichhas been used since ancient times for treating scabies.Although it has some drawbacks but it is an effective way to treat scabies.
  • Permethrin, also known as Lyclear is also one of the best lotions to treat scabies.
  • Sesame oil and chamomile extract can also be used for treatment of scabies. 
  • Dr. Scabies natural formula can also be used for treating scabies effectively.



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