Can You Catch Scabies Twice?

Scabies Mites, Can I get Scabies twice, Eliminate Scabies Mites, Dr. Scabies Natural TreatmentAlthough scabies is a dreadful skin disease, it can be cured fully. One has to be very careful with the treatment or chances of a relapse are high. Yes, you can get affected by scabies a second time if proper care is not taken. It’s equally important that you only choose a safe and effective treatment like Dr Scabies.

The most common reasons why you can get scabies for a second time are as listed below:

1) In case you had scabies, and it was transmitted to another family member, chances of getting it twice over are high.  While treating any one member of the family, always make sure that others remain alert and isolated from the patient. Scabies germs transmit very easily from one person to another.

2) Improper treatment is another reason for the disease to occur twice over. Even if the itching has stopped and there are no blisters, make sure you complete the whole treatment properly. Otherwise, the mites inside your epidermal layer may multiply and cause another phase of scabies.

3) While numbing creams are indeed useful in treating scabies, you must always make it a point to invest in a good quality numbing cream. Otherwise, the germs may hit you back in no time.

4) Sometimes using creams that contain Permethrin may make your skin look polished, but be careful with their use; Permethrin makes the mites resistant to further treatment. As a result of which, you may keep getting scabies again and again. Use Dr Scabies instead.

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