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(Summary: Here are some simple home remedies to ease the rashes caused by viral exanthema.) Exanthema has been defined as the widespread rash caused by drugs, toxins, autoimmune disease, and microorganisms. It is usually found in kids. Viral exanthema, as the name implies, is caused by the type of viral rash (that is caused by […]

Eczema scars don’t go easily from the skin as they take time. Even worse, they may be permanent. Let’s find out how these home remedies can help you erase stubborn eczema marks. Eczema occurs with itch and redness. While itch can be treated with medications, redness turns into scars and takes time to disappear from […]

Dr. Scabies is the only safe and natural remedy for Scabies. If you don’t want to expose your body to pesticide based creams, then go for Dr. Scabies today. In four to seven days, the infection will be a thing of the past. Dr. Scabies is an FDA recommended and registered natural cure for scabies. […]