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(Summary: Here are the ways to manage the symptoms of seborrheic eczema using these home remedies.) Do you have seborrheic eczema? It means that you have an itchy and flaky scalp. The other woes caused by this condition are patches, dandruff and red lesions. Even worse, it can appear on the face, upper chest, and […]

(Summary: Scabies medications are categorized into basic and advance treatment according to the severity of the disease.) Scabies is a contagious disease caused by the mites. It is a global health problem affecting nearly 400 million people. The symptoms of scabies include blisters, rashes, and burrows with intense itching. You get scabies mites from the […]

(Summary: Here are some foods that can soothe itching and inflammation. See if they can work to relieve scabies itch.) Did you know? There are 1 million scabies cases occur in the USA ever y year. This is just a decimal percentage if compared to 300 million cases on global level. Scabies is an infectious […]

Once a person gets infected by Scabies, it normally takes up to 2 to 6 weeks for the infection to show any noticeable signs. The symptoms are different for re-infestations and can occur much sooner than a first time infection. Let’s read a little more about Scabies and its symptoms – The itch Once the […]