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Have you spotted your skin erupting into a mass of red pimples? Are those dry cracks annoying you too much? Does your skin itch relentlessly? And the outbreaks are becoming more frequent with passage of time? These symptoms indicate towards eczema. It is a common skin condition among children and adults. Often it is confused […]

Are you dealing with sores which are not healing anytime soon? Do they feel itchy and painful? Have you spotted pigment, redness or swelling spreading outside the border of a spot? Then these signs indicate towards- Melanoma. It is one the most recognized skin problems today. Usually, sun is blamed for melanoma. It is due […]

(Summary: Here are some foods that can soothe itching and inflammation. See if they can work to relieve scabies itch.) Did you know? There are 1 million scabies cases occur in the USA ever y year. This is just a decimal percentage if compared to 300 million cases on global level. Scabies is an infectious […]

Learn here if Dr. Scabies can help you with hemorrhoids pain. Reaching for hemorrhoids medicine is quite natural when hemorrhoids pain torments your daily life. Generally, these creams aim to reduce irritation and inflammation to ensure relief around the anal area. Hemorrhoids creams are both available as OTC and prescription medicine. Our customers have asked […]

Have your scabies medication failed to show results? Or you are looking for a quick treatment for scabies? The answer to all your concern is Dr. Scabies. Learn here what makes it safer and effective scabies remedy. Scabies is an infectious disease that torments the individual with rashes, burrows and relentless itch. While mild cases […]

The Scabies infection can spread through the personal belongings and the bed of the infected person. The main reason for the spread of infection is personal contact with an infected person. A simple hug or intimate relationships are also sure shot reasons for contracting the infection. If a scabied person is going to travel with […]

Pathophysiology is helping doctors’ worldwide for treating victims displaying symptoms of scabies. Timely detection and the right treatment are essential for the eradication of mites form the human body. Let’s read more about Pathophysiology and its role in curing Scabies – 1. The Pathogenesis The Human Scabies is caused by mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. The […]

Scabies is often called the seven year old itch, as this skin infection keeps coming back. The treatment chosen should ensure that the chances of re-infestation are minimized to zero. The important thing to remember is to keep calm and be patient. Keep in mind the following five steps in order to get rid of […]

Once a family member gets infected, there is every possibility that the entire household will catch the infection sooner or later. Some people find the pain and the itching unbearable and get depressed very easily. Once the Scabies infection is confirmed, it is important to handle it in a systematic manner. It is important that […]