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Hives, also known as urticaria, are circumscribed swellings on the skin that often are itchy. Hives occur usually when mast cells in the skin release histamine, a chemical that causes tiny blood vessels to leak fluid. When this fluid accumulates in the skin, it forms the swellings that we recognize as hives. Image Credits: […]

Urticaria, most commonly known as hives, consist of welts or swelling of the skin because of exposure to specific stimuli. Once exposed, the pole cells of the skin discharge exorbitant amounts of histamine. This discharge causes swelling everywhere throughout the body. In spite of the fact that this condition does not leave permanent marks on […]

Absorbing skin in an Epsom salt solution can alleviate skin aggravations like swimmer’s itch or hives by reducing the itch and irritation related to the episode. The Epsom salts are broken up in warm water and the influenced area is submerged and soaked in the liquid. Chronic hives that happen from a basic medical problem […]

Urtica is the Greek name for Hives, which literally means a skin rash that causes an intense burning sensation. Hives is an extreme allergic reaction sometimes seen in patients using permethrin based creams for treating Scabies. The common symptoms of hives are a pale red rash, itching, burning sensation and bumps. This rash can last […]