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If you have just entered the list of 25 million people (US only) who are suffering from diabetes, you need to know that it is the fastest growing long-term (chronic) disease. Not only in United States but also all across the globe it is said to be affecting millions of people. And that’s not all […]

Itch can bother you anytime, anywhere. Then, it can be life disturbing in cases like scabies or eczema. Learn here how to soothe your itch. Itching is one of the experiences we all have in common. Why do we itch? Here is an interesting explanation given by Scientific American: “An itch, also known as pruritus, […]

Coming in personal contact primarily spreads Scabies with an infected person. But the first symptoms of the infection appear only after 4 to 6 weeks. Red bumps on your arms would not immediately point to a Scabies infection. Let’s read more about this terribly disturbing disease – 1. The Symptoms The first symptoms of Scabies […]