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Has it ever happened to you that it started itching when you were just listening to someone stating their stories about skin mite infestations? Though it is quite common for your skin to feel itchy, due to one reason or the other, yet it is important for you to realize that many of the problems […]

Scabies caused by the burrowing of female mite (Sarcoptesscabiei) underneath the top layer of skin forms red itchy aberrations. The female mite lays eggs underneath the skin which hatch into larvae and the infection spreads. The skin of infants is more sensitive to scabies infection and sometimes can aggravate to the formation of large blistering […]

Rashes are common, isn’t it? These are reactions of your skin which develops in form of an abnormal texture or some other features, like itching,pain, and fluid discharge. There can be many reasons why rashes occur. It might appear as a response to an infection, allergy, toxin, or some skin disease. As far as their appearance […]

Itch can bother you anytime, anywhere. Then, it can be life disturbing in cases like scabies or eczema. Learn here how to soothe your itch. Itching is one of the experiences we all have in common. Why do we itch? Here is an interesting explanation given by Scientific American: “An itch, also known as pruritus, […]

Just like everyone around you, there are chances that you wish for the healthy and beautiful skin. Here are listed some secrets to achieving the same. Explore in detail. Pic Credit:- Skincare is a must! Well, this is understood. And it is the major reason why people all across the globe invest a reasonably good […]

Itchy skin is caused by various skin conditions like eczema, dry skin, scabies and psoriasis. Apart from that, you experience itching when mosquito bites at your skin or you come into contact with certain plants. Intense itching causes sheer discomfort and disturbs your daily life. Scratching is the not a solution as it can injure […]

Here we have listed the common reasons of itchy skin you must know.   Itching can go beyond a small annoyance, especially if it lasts longer. It not only disturbs your daily life, but also causes embarrassment in social setting. There aremany reasons behind itchy skin, from touching a plant, allergies, health conditions to skin […]

Scabies is among the most unpleasant skin disease which is caused by tiny mites. This disease is associated with intense itching which can make things horrible. In case, you have no clue how to deal with scabies itching, here is something very helpful. Read on. Suffering from relentless itching? Are you suspecting scabies mites infestation? […]