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Has it ever happened to you that it started itching when you were just listening to someone stating their stories about skin mite infestations? Though it is quite common for your skin to feel itchy, due to one reason or the other, yet it is important for you to realize that many of the problems […]

Rashes are common, isn’t it? These are reactions of your skin which develops in form of an abnormal texture or some other features, like itching,pain, and fluid discharge. There can be many reasons why rashes occur. It might appear as a response to an infection, allergy, toxin, or some skin disease. As far as their appearance […]

We all itch every once in a while. It is a universal experience everyone one on this planet goes through. Wikipedia defines itch as “a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch.” Also known as pruritus, itch is caused by allergies, medication, stress, skin conditions and infections. What Causes Itch? We think nothing […]

We all have got an itch at some point of our lives. Some unfortunate among us may have to experience it very often due to chronic disease like eczema or psoriasis. Nevertheless, it is common for the rest. However, when it gets intense, it starts disturbing your lives and sleep as well. Sometimes, itch leads […]

Have you ever gone mad or driven crazy with itchy skin? Itching can occur due to many reasons, like sunburns, bug bites, allergic reactions, skin diseases, dry and cold climatic conditions, medical treatment, pregnancy case, or even aging. Are you suffering from any of the above mentioned reasons? If yes, then it’s time to consult […]

Here we have listed the common reasons of itchy skin you must know.   Itching can go beyond a small annoyance, especially if it lasts longer. It not only disturbs your daily life, but also causes embarrassment in social setting. There aremany reasons behind itchy skin, from touching a plant, allergies, health conditions to skin […]