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Permethrin cream was approved as a medicine for scabies by the WHO in 1973. Permethrin cream is both available as an OTC and prescribed medication for scabies. The cream is also considered as the “first line treatment” for scabies. It is recommended for adults and kids older than 2 months. Permethrin cream is applied from […]

Permethrin cream is a common medication used to treat scabies. However, you should be careful while using the cream to avoid any potential side effects. Here we’ve rounded up the safe ways to use permethrin cream for scabies.   Permethrin cream is a common medication used to treat scabies. Apart from being prescribed by a […]

We have explained here how permethrin cream works along with its directions of use.   Permethrin cream is a common topical medication used for the treatment of scabies. It works by killing mites and eggs, thereby improving the skin condition. Permethrin cream is also termed as scabicide as it works as “insecticide”. Permethrin was discovered […]

Permethrin based creams might be very popular for treating Scabies, but they are not the safest and most effective option in the market. Swelling on the face, lips, tongue and throat are the symptoms of an extreme allergic reaction to the presence of 5% permethrin in the scabicide. On detecting any of these symptoms, the […]

Urtica is the Greek name for Hives, which literally means a skin rash that causes an intense burning sensation. Hives is an extreme allergic reaction sometimes seen in patients using permethrin based creams for treating Scabies. The common symptoms of hives are a pale red rash, itching, burning sensation and bumps. This rash can last […]

Permethrin is similar to a synthetic pyrethoid and can be classified as a neurotoxin. This is the reason why it is known to cause several side effects. Next time anyone tells you that permethrin treats scabies in a single application, ask them to reconsider. The side effects or symptoms of Permethrin might include an elevation […]

Over the last decade it has been observed that the effectiveness of Permethrin against Scabies is steadily on the decline. There have been several reports of patients complaining of a re-infestation within a very short period. It is known for a fact that Permethrin belongs to a family of drugs called pyrethrins. This family of […]