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Were you recently suffering from scabies? Did you use Permethrin based cream? While there are number of solutions which consist of permethrin, there are several reports stating the adverse effects of the same. Are you getting new bumps after using it? There are chances that scabies itching becomes worse after using such a conventional scabies […]

As obvious from the composition, when you choose to be treated by a permethrin based cream, you are willingly exposing your body to a pesticide. The side effects of using such a product are not one but many. And the exposure to risk seems like a futile exercise especially because in many cases, there are […]

Permethrin based creams are no longer a sure shot method to fight Scabies. There have been several reports of re-infestation in patients after a completion of treatment session with permethrin based creams. Going for a natural remedy like Dr. Scabies, which has no side effects makes more sense in this scenario. Let’s read more about […]