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Here is a quick guide to tell if you have scabies or psoriasis. Are you experiencing lesions, blisters and itching all over the body? Is it scabies? Or you have got psoriasis? If you have had scabies at some point, getting such symptoms may mean that you have got it again. Right? But it can […]

It is quite challenging to work with a health condition like psoriasis. Don’t worry! These tips will help you! Your co-workers may be curious about your scaly patches and red lesions. Your employers may wonder if your skin condition let you work. Above all, many people at your workplace have fear lest they should catch […]

Here are the tips to manage your psoriasis in winter. If you have psoriasis, winter season may add to your troubles. The combination of dry air, decreased sun exposure, freezing temperature can aggravate your flares. Top of that, common winter illnesses like cold or flu can affect your psoriasis as they make immune system work […]

Here are some lifestyle changes to minimize the episode of psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease causing thick, scaly and red skin. The common locations of psoriasis are knees, scalp, elbows, private parts and scalp. Sometimes, it occurs on the fingernails. There is no cure of psoriasis so far while the symptoms are on and […]

Scalp psoriasis is a common skin disease causing raised, reddish and scaly patches. It can affect some part or can even affect your entire scalp. Sometimes it can extend to your forehead, the back of your neck, or behind and inside your ears. However, scalp psoriasis is not infectious. Like other types of psoriasis, it […]

Visit your physician immediately if you are experiencing these signs of psoriasis. Psoriasis is counted among the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the USA. According to one study, 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis, accounting for 2.2 percent of the population. The body kills healthy cells by mistaking them for foreign bodies in this condition. The […]

While the exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown, medical science holds these factors responsible for the disease. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease caused by the rapid growth of the skin cells. Consequently, the skin is teemed with the dead cells on the surface. They look like raised and dry patches. It is usually found […]

Find out what trigger psoriasis flare up and how to control it. There are certain triggers that worsen psoriasis flare up. Cold and Dry Weather: Such environment leads your skin to dryness, creating the risk of flare up. However, hot and sunny weather can control the signs of psoriasis in most people. Stress: Stress prompts […]

Scabies is very contagious and the most common mode of transmission is the direct skin-to-skin contact. Scabies mites can only live off of a host body for 24-36 hours under most conditions. The transmission of the mites involves close person-to-person contact of the skin-to-skin variety, so risk factors include close contact with an infected person. […]