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Scabies caused by the burrowing of female mite (Sarcoptesscabiei) underneath the top layer of skin forms red itchy aberrations. The female mite lays eggs underneath the skin which hatch into larvae and the infection spreads. The skin of infants is more sensitive to scabies infection and sometimes can aggravate to the formation of large blistering […]

Suffering from intense itching and inflamed skin? Dealing with red patches around skin folds? If yes, then there are pretty good chances that you have scabies. Being an intensely pruritic skin condition, this is said to be caused due to an infestation with the microscopic mite- Sarcoptes scabiei. Today there are millions of people affected […]

Dr. Scabies is an effective remedy for scabies. However, you will get better and quick results only when you use it in a right way. Here’s how… Dr. Scabies is an effective homeopathic cream for scabies. It is a great treatment for those who are allergic to traditional scabies medication like permethrin cream or lindane […]

Here we have rounded up the common myths about scabies along with eye-opening facts against them. Read them to have a right approach towards the disease as well as its treatment. Myth: Scabies is a Large Absolute Infectious Disease: FACT: Yeah, scabies is contagious. But that doesn’t mean you get it from a patient on touching […]

From symptoms to treatment, here are some major differences between flea bites and scabies. Flea bites and scabies are two different skin conditions despite having almost similar symptoms. Scabies is an infectious skin diseases caused by the mites. Fleabites, as the name implies, are the itchy bites caused by the fleas that are tiny insects. […]

Making these mistakes not only aggravate your scabies, but also spreads the infestation. Being a scabies patients, you should be extremely careful while making physical contacts or using household items. Some precautions from your side help prevent the infestation of scabies. It also benefits your healing. After all, who can understand better than you how […]

According to the U.K. National Health Service, scabies is more common in places with limited health care and large populations. This includes nursing homes, extended-care facilities, prisons, and even mental institutions. Yes, you read that right this skin condition is highly found in hospitalized patients, especially those who are suffering from mental disorders. And as […]

Scabies is a contagious diseases caused by the mites. Although it is a common skin condition that is curable, it is not easy for most patients. A person has to suffer red rashes and glazing itch. Sometimes, initial treatment may not work for them. Then, it is quite cumbersome to go through checkups, medication and […]

Here are things about scabies you should know as an employee or employer. The risk of scabies outbreak is high in the areas like workplace. This is because the infection can spread at a large scale due to the crowd or groups. After all, scabies is a contagious skin disease. Being an employer or co-worker […]

Here is a quick guide to tell if you have scabies or psoriasis. Are you experiencing lesions, blisters and itching all over the body? Is it scabies? Or you have got psoriasis? If you have had scabies at some point, getting such symptoms may mean that you have got it again. Right? But it can […]