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Scabies in kids is traumatic for both kids and their parents. Learn here what to do when your child have scabies. Scabies is one of the common contagious diseases affecting the children, especially the toddlers. It can pass on from child to his family members or those who share contact with him. Scabies are caused […]

Being a very uncomfortable and contagious skin condition, scabies is commonly seen in children of all age groups. The major problem with this disease is that it can spread quickly among them in crowded conditions like schools, child care centers and nursing homes. Here are discussed some major points about scabies in children; What are the symptoms […]

No doubt, getting rid of scabies is a tough task. But what if these mites infest your child? It can be more problematic to treat as the children’s skin is highly sensitive. Here is something you must know about scabies infestation in kids. Read on. Is your baby’s skin turning red? Have scattered red bumps […]

When affected by scabies infection, you can’t afford to keep waiting for the right medical treatment or product. You should, instead, apply as many natural remedies and preventive measures at home as you possibly can, until you find a reliable medical solution like Dr. Scabies. Read on for ways to effectively kill scabies! Since scabies […]

Dr. Scabies is certainly the most advanced natural prescription for this highly contagious skin disease called scabies. All products from Dr. Scabies are made 1005 natural ingredients that wipe out all symptoms and effects of scabies in an efficient manner.  Scabies is infectious skin disease that can be easily detected with symptoms like severe itching […]

Are you worried about reddish rashes on your skin? Can’t guess whether its scabies, shingles or bedbugs? Here’s an easy guide to take you through the differences between the three of them and the initial symptoms of each. Shingles, scabies and bedbugs are very different from each other. Apart from the fact that they cause […]

Children are the most vulnerable people around. So, it is always best to give your children proper rest and debar him or her from going to the school or day-care unless s/he is fully treated for scabies.   One of the worst skin diseases around which spreads from one person to another in a blink […]