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You may be surprised to know that scabies is one of the most talked about parasitic skin condition on the internet. There are many posts indicating the spread of scabies from hotel bedding. Some people believe that scabies spread only in communities with poor hygiene or poor living conditions. But it’s not true, there are […]

Scabies is a highly contagious and itchy parasitic condition. Scabies mites, Sarcoptes Scabiei, can transfer from one person to another by prolonged skin-to-skin contact. The infected person feels irresistible urge to itch that it even leads to sleep deprivation along with social embarrassment due to constant scratching. Therefore, it becomes essential to consult a physician […]

Are there any effective and fast ways to get rid of scabies? Scabies, a very infectious itchy skin condition caused by the itch mite, sarcoptes scabiei, is transmitted through direct skin to skin contact. Treatment includes topical and oral scabicidal drugs, which are just accessible with a specialist’s prescribed medicine. In this article, there are […]

Sarcoptes scabiei is a microscopic parasitic arthropod. It burrows into human skin and causes scabies. It even passes by the names “scabies vermin” and “human itch bug.” Among different courses, it can be transmitted sexually. For the treatment to kill them is applied topically, patients are regularly spurred to find a substance that damages the […]

Scabies mites never leave any black specks once they are eradicated from the body. The black specs are seen in a different kind of skin infection caused by a different species of skin parasites. People who suffer from these infections have also reported black specs on furniture and clothing too. But with scabies, NO black […]

The Scabies infection can spread through the personal belongings and the bed of the infected person. The main reason for the spread of infection is personal contact with an infected person. A simple hug or intimate relationships are also sure shot reasons for contracting the infection. If a scabied person is going to travel with […]

The Canine scabies is caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei. They are able to penetrate the skin of healthy dogs and cause skin problems. The dogs will often be seen scratching themselves due to the itching. These mites cans also infect humans and cause them mild discomfort and itching. Let’s read more about Sarcoptes and […]

No, scabies mites cannot jump like flies and some insects. They are too small to do that. The Scabies mites spread infection by burrowing under the skin of the host. The mites are invisible to the human eye, but the suffering can make any sane person go crazy in almost no time. Even the most […]

If Scabies mites could fly, treating the scabies infection would probably be the topmost priority for all nations in the world. These mites could almost take over the world if it was so. Thank God, they cannot fly or jump from one person to another. These nasty creatures are too small to do that and […]

A highly contagious skin condition, scabies is caused by mite Sarcoptes scabiei hominis. These host-specific mites burrow into the skin and lay their eggs, which eventually hatch and grow into adults. The characteristic symptoms of the disease include superficial burrows, which cause intense itching followed by secondary infection. Epidemiology Scabies is demographic in epidemiology and […]