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Skin problems are quite common. Their permanency and causes can differ from person to person. Some of these skin issues might be minor, but there may be other which cause unbearable pain and might be life-threatening. Rashes and bumps are among the most common issues that usually happen to the skin. While a rash indicates […]

Did you spotted some lump formation over your skin? Has it increased over a few days? If it is followed by pus, then chances are you are dealing with carbuncle. Well, the most obvious first symptom of this skin infection is appearance of red, irritated lump. And this lump can range from the size of […]

(Summary: Learn if you have a damaged skin barrier with the key symptoms given here.) Does your skin remain dry even with a moisturizer? Do you often experience red patches, flakiness or itching? It might be because of your damaged skin barrier. What is the skin barrier? It is the outermost layer of your skin […]

(Summary: Learn here how these treatments help you get rid of irritating skin boils.) Do you have pimple-like blisters on the face, neck, shoulders, armpits and buttocks? Chances are you may have skin boils. They usually appear in a hair follicle or oil gland. They are highly infectious and are caused by a germ known […]

According to one study, nearly 35 million Americans have eczema. Eczema is an itchy condition with rashes all around the body. The frequent itch disturbs sleep and lead to days off from work. Luckily, there are many medications to manage the symptoms of eczema. However, taking medication won’t be that effective unless you make some […]

Your skin is said to be the most vulnerable and sensitive organ of body. A report stated that the US population suffers somewhere 24 skin diseases. As far as most of the skin disorders, these are not life threatening. Yes, there effect tends to increase significantly. While some of them are highly contagious, these can […]

Have your spotted some rashes recently? Or there are no rashes but he scratches relentlessly? There are chances of scabies infestation. You might be flabbergasted to know the fact even after 300 million Scabies cases occurring all over the world in a year, the illness falls in the list of neglected tropical disease. Scabies- what […]

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases in the world. The root cause for this disease is uncontrolled growth in the skin cells. Psoriasis is often termed as a chronic disease as it takes may years to cure. The only thing common between Psoriasis and Scabies is the fact that the both are […]