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Skin problems are quite common. Their permanency and causes can differ from person to person. Some of these skin issues might be minor, but there may be other which cause unbearable pain and might be life-threatening. Rashes and bumps are among the most common issues that usually happen to the skin. While a rash indicates […]

(Summary: Learn if you have a damaged skin barrier with the key symptoms given here.) Does your skin remain dry even with a moisturizer? Do you often experience red patches, flakiness or itching? It might be because of your damaged skin barrier. What is the skin barrier? It is the outermost layer of your skin […]

If you have ever experienced boils, you know how ugly and painful they can be.  The problem becomes worst when these are recurrent, and you may or may not know why you are dealing with them. While anyone can have skin boils, people often overlook them in the initial stage due to their appearance similar […]

A simple skin rash can lead to something critical like shingles or allergy. Here are some of them, and the ways to identify them. Getting a rash is quite common, whether it’s scabies, infections, allergic reactions or just dry and damaged skin. Skin rashes also include skin bumps that mimic pimples or sores; or sometimes […]

With the abundance of common skin rash problems, it can be challenging for the parents to identify what irritates their baby. Yes, there are many problems which affect newborns severely. The only way out for the parents is to stay informed about these and prevent them from becoming worse. Here is a list of skin […]

You need to know that what you consider “just a rash” can be a something more serious. Yes, you read that right. Not all the rashes are same. Some of them are short-lived, but there are others which are tough and perpetual. What more problematic is that rashes are not just troublesome for the sufferer […]

What is a rash? Simply putting, it is a reaction in which the skin develops an abnormal texture. It is often accompanied with features, such as itching, pain, and fluid discharge. As far as the appearance of rashes is considered, it can range from an outbreak of painful eruptive sores to an almost incidental swelling […]

Here we have listed common skin rashes you should know. Skin rashes care caused by variety of factors like heat, infections, medications and environment stimulants. Here we have listed some common types of skin rashes. Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema: Eczema or atopic dermatitis makes skin itchy and red. It occurs on the hands, feet, neck, […]