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Dealing with itching which gets severe at night? Just found some irregular burrow tracks? Spotted few tiny blisters and bumps on your skin? These signs are indicating toward the itchy skin condition, Scabies, which is caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Being highly contagious skin infestation, it can easily spread quickly through […]

(Summary:  One of the benefits of workouts is that it lowers inflammation. Here’s how…) Workouts are good for you, whether it’s a simple jogging or a hardcore weightlifting. It helps you control weight; develop stamina and strength; build muscles and lower the risk of certain diseases. Did you know such physical activities help your body […]

The biggest problem with contagious skin diseases, scabies, is that it can be transmitted through close physical contact with an infected person. That’s not all. If you get in touch with contaminated clothing, towel, furniture, or even a bed linen, chances are that these mites make their way to your body. This means if you […]

Scabies can prove to be one of the most depressing and painful episodes of your life. But there is hope; there are solutions that will make you mightier than the mite. Yes, and you don’t have to use prescription strength drugs to do that! Read on to learn about an over the counter scabies treatment […]