Causes of Severe Scalp Itching and Most Effective Remedies to Eliminate Lice

Sever itching can compel even the gentlest men move around consistently scratching you body. Watching people scratch heads is most common phenomenon. But in certain cases, this itching takes severe form, causing inconvenient and embarrassment. It just won’t let you concentrate on anything. No matter what you trying to do, you would find it hard to enjoy it.

Itching scalp can be caused by various reasons including parasites. Skin allergies, skin conditions, inflammation disease etc., can result in itching scalp. The most common reason is dandruff. About 50 percent of global population gets itchy scalp due to dandruff.

What can cause itchy scalp?

In brief, itchy scalp can be a result of mycotic diseases like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, Tinea Capitis, or parasitic conditions, like lice infestation and scabies. Other major possible causes of itching could be dry skin, allergic reaction to particular products, shampoos, soaps etc. More or less, but too much hair-washing can also leave you scratching your head.


Medical science has found cure for almost every kind of common skin conditions that causes intense itching. Health professional can recommend oral medication, ointments, to specific soaps for treatment. The treatment procedure, method, medication, and time period for various treatments varies depending upon the nature of the skin conditions.

Parasitic Conditions – Lice Infestation

This is a sesame seed-size parasite, Pediculus humanus capitis, that crawls all over host body or scalp in case of humans, feeding on host’s blood. It lays eggs and follows reproduction cycle as long as it can. The infestation increases if the cycle is allowed to go on and number of parasite increases.


A person experience ticklish feeling on scalp or neck, an itchy scalp due to allergic reaction to parasites saliva, small red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders, visible lice movement, difficulty sleeping that leads to irritation.

Remedies to eliminate lice infestation

As in case of human lice infestation occurs on hair-rich scalp, it’s not so easy to throw some chemical on head and kill this son of bitch. So, it must be safe, free o harmful chemical, readily available, affordable, and easy to use.

Remedy-Specific Products

A number of products, like shampoos and pediculicides-rich creams or insecticides are available in the market without prescription. These products can end lice infestation easily in couple of days. Lice combing is also a traditional method to remove lice and nits. However, none of these methods work well independently. Combining use of insecticide-rich shampoo with louse comb is recommended.


Experts suggest that use of products that contain pediculicides known as pyrethrins or the chemical permethrin are most helpful. Person is required to use this chemical cautiously because it could prove toxic to humans.

Dealing with permetrin and pyrethrin resistant lice

According to researchers, in some regions of the world, lice species have developed resistance against some insecticides like permethrin and pyrethrins. So, there would be no surprise if they aren’t working. In such cases, doctor would recommend using a product containing 0.5 percent malathion. Malthion is also a different type of insecticide.


The application of recommended insecticide or shampoo would require repeated use to ensure that along with lice, their eggs are also destroyed. Otherwise, these eggs would hatch and would again initiate reproduction cycle.

However, be cautious and always consult a professional before applying these insecticides to children.

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