Chart of SomeCommon Scabies Medications

Here is a chart of common scabies medication that help you learn the important medication and their usage along with the precautions in one go.

​​Medication ​​Directions to Use Who Should Use It
​​Permethrin cream 5%


It is one of the effective medications for scabies. It contains insecticide to remove mites and their eggs.


However, the lotion may not be safe for nursing mothers.

It is available as both prescription and OTC drug.

​​It is easy to use and remain effective if applied properly.


Make sure to use it all over the body.


Two applications of permethrin cream are required twice in a day.


If it accidentally enters the eyes, flush it with water immediately. See a physician if the eyes are still irritated.

​​Recommended for the kids ages 2 months and older. It may not be safe for nursing mothers. Therefore, they are advised to take the drug being prescribed by a doctor.





It is available as cream and a lotion. It is not successful as other medications. It is not prescribed to the kids, pregnant woman and nursing mothers.

​​Use it all over the body. Make sure to apply the enough medicine to cover the skin surface from chin down covering hands, feet, between fingers and toes, and moist areas. Rub the cream gently. The second coat is applied 24 hours after the first one. Or it is better if you follow the instructions.


​​It is prescribed to the adults only.

The treatment can be repeated one time after one week.


​​Lindane lotion: 


Lindane kills scabies mites and their eggs by penetrating the skin.

​​ Make sure to shake the bottle well before use. Put it first on the trimmed fingernails, as scabies mites can be there.

Then, apply the lotion below the neck area. Wear loose and breathable clothing.


Rinse it off after 8-12 hours with warm water.


Wearing lindane for over 12 hours can lead to side effects, even death.


It is recommended to the patients who are allergic to other treatment, or for whom the other treatments haven’t worked. It is not ideal for the children under 2 years, pregnant women, elders and nursing mothers.

However, the medication may not safer for anyone weighing below 50 kg.



Ivermectin is prescribed if other medications don’t work. It is used in case of crusted or classical scabies with different immune response.


Two doses of this medicine is as effective as single use of permethrin.

It is an oral medication to be taken by mouth. Ivermectin should be taken 1-2 hours after a meal. The dosage depends on the weight of a person.


  • Not safer for someone weighting less than 110 pounds
  • Should be used when other treatment or medications fail to work.


Make sure to take these medications as prescribed your physician or mentioned on the pack (in case of OTC medication). )

Precautions Are as Important as Scabies Medications:

Apart from taking medications, make sure to practice precautions. It not only ensures you a good healing, but also helps you prevent the further infestation.

  • The patient’s clothes should be washed separately.
  • All beddings should be washed using a hot water cycle and dried at a high temperature. If the items can’t be washed, keep them in a sealed plastic bag for a week. The scabies mites die if they don’t found human body to live on.
  • Belongings and clothing of an affected person shouldn’t be shared.
  • Avoid maintaining prolonged contact with a scabies patient.
  • Get the rooms vacuumed.
  • And see your doctor even if you haven’t scabies. This is because scabies symptoms take several weeks once the mites strike at your skin. Earlier diagnosis will help you prevent scabies.


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