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Are your new scabies bumps still surfacing after undergoing a prolonged Permethrin treatment? If yes, then it’s about time you prevent your scabies itch from getting worse! Get rid of the age old conventional scabies treatments. Start using clinically tested Dr. Scabies lotion for rapid and lasting relief!

Getting infected with scabies is a serious matter and generally embarrassing for most of us. The infection is typically caused by the scabies mites, who crawl, burrow and lay their eggs into the skin.

The most infuriating part of the infection is extreme itching especially during night or after a hot shower. The skin irritation generally occurs because of the eggs and waste matter. In the worst case scenario, people even loose good amount of sleep owing to the itching they feel. It affects your personal and professional life in ways than others can ever understand.

Until now the most commonly prescribed treatment for scabies, Permethrin is a synthetic chemical, having a vast range of insecticidal activity. It generally works by attacking the nerve endings of the scabies mites. That says it. The very mechanism of its working is dangerous.

What Causes Irritation on My Skin Even After Permethrin Treatment, People Ask

The initial irritation occurs as your skin reacts to the mites and the wastes they leave behind – leaving alone the borrowing areas. This irritation is further enhanced by the new bumps which surface after Permethrin treatment, as the chemical aggravates the original rash.

Though Permethrin treatment was until now one of the most popular scabies treatments, unfortunately it makes you itchier with a burning and stinging feeling in your skin. Ask anyone who has tried it before and you will know!

While many people use Permethrin for treating scabies infection, it doesn’t always make sense to follow the crowd. A large fraction of these people have had bad experiences with the drug.

Are Clinically Tested Natural Scabies Treatment Products Available In the Market?

Although there are many OTC drugs available in the market today, none comes marked with a natural formula. Replacing one chemical over the other is not what you want, right?

So, when looking for a permanent treatment, always prefer clinically tested scabies lotion – Dr. Scabies.

All-natural treatment for scabies, Dr. Scabies lotion is highly recommended FDA-registered, homeopathic remedy. The lotion is widely prescribed for extensive disinfecting cases and permanent healing of wounds and rashes.

A highly effective lotion, Dr. Scabies is used for effective treatment of secondary bacterial infection, which is a common complication resulting from prolonged scabies infestation.

How to use Dr. Scabies Lotion?

Dr. Scabies lotion comprises of Sulphur 8X HPUS as its active ingredient. The product is FDA registered and completely safe. You just need to cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying the lotion. Next, cover the affected skin with the lotion once in a day to experience dramatic results within few applications. You will get relief within a day but scabies, being a nasty infection will take few days to leave completely. 

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