Common Myths About Scabies

Here we have rounded up the common myths about scabies along with eye-opening facts against them. Read them to have a right approach towards the disease as well as its treatment.

Myth: Scabies is a Large Absolute Infectious Disease:

FACT: Yeah, scabies is contagious. But that doesn’t mean you get it from a patient on touching them merely. It requires you to maintain prolong skin to skin contact with them to be infected. For example, getting intimate, sleeping together all night or entering into sexual relationship with the patient. Abrief contact of skin like handshake won’t make you prone to scabies. However, wearing scabies patient clothes or use his bedding can make you vulnerable. This is because the mites may be on the belongings used by the patient.

Myth: My Household Pet Can Infect Me:

FACT: No, animal don’t spread human scabies. Although scabies in animal does exist, it is specific. Canine scabies or mange crawl on human, causing itch, but they are not able to reproduce themselves and eventually die. Scabies mites in human can infect dogs and other pets, the mites don’t survive longer. Simply put, pets can have different scabies mites that don’t survive on human bodies. The animal mites can get under the person’s skin and lead to temporary itching or irritation.

However, the animal should be treated to prevent getting “mites” to your body.

Myth: Scabies can be Spread by Swimming in a Public Pool:

FACT: This misconception is of the people who might have caught scabies while using public pools. But this is simply not true. Swimming in public pool, even it is used by an infected person, won’t cause scabies. This is because there are nearly 10-15 mites present on the body of infected person. The mites won’t emerge from under wet skin. At least it takes a person with severe form of scabies like crusted scabies to catch infection with the pool water.

However, you can get scabies using infected person’s clothes, bedding or towels.

Myth: It is Easy to Diagnose Scabies:

FACT: There are many more diseases like eczema that have the similar symptoms like rashes and itching. No wonder that many patients confuse their itchy and inflamed condition with scabies or other skin condition. It is possible that you have eczema, not scabies. This is why it is not easy to diagnose scabies. Therefore, you should see your physician to get such skin conditions diagnosed. A physician will have a close look at your skin to determine your skin condition. To rule out the possibility of other skin conditions, a physician may perform “ink test” or order biopsy test. A physician can establish the severity or stage of scabies on the basis of his observance and tests on the signs like rashes, tunnels, and burrows. Once he finds that you have scabies, he will prescribe you topical ointments to treat itching, rashes and infection with medications like Permethrin cream, Crotamiton, Ivermectin, Antihistamine, Pramoxine Lotion and Steroid Cream.

Myth: Scabies Treatment are Guaranteed to Work:

FACT: Scabies is curable with a range of lotions. However, they may not work for some people. For example, permethrin cream is the most common medication for scabies. But it may not work for some patients which is why they are prescribed lindane lotion.

Ivermectin is prescribed to those who have weak immune system or to those for whom other medications don’t work. The mild symptoms of scabies can be treated with OTC medications like Dr. Scabies.

So these are the common scabies myths you shouldn’t believe anymore. It is important to have right approach towards the symptoms and medication as well. What do you think? Please share with us by commenting below.

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