Considering Buying Scabies Cream?

Is the persistent itching from your scabies rash driving you insane? Are you tired of constant scratching, long sleeve shirts and isolation caused to due scabies? We’ve just the right solution for you – Dr. Scabies!

As soon as itching begins from a scabies rash, it keeps spreading and may become overwhelming within few days. The scabies rash is the result of uncontrollable scratching which often leads to innumerable marks and open sores.

If left untreated scabies rash can eventually lead to a self-inflicted skin trauma causing secondary bacterial infection. Small-red bumps also form as a part of allergic reaction produced by the body, in response to scabies infestation. So, it’s very important that you do not leave Scabies untreated in any case.

Treating Scabies by Killing the Mite

Itching from the scabies rash generally results about thirty days after exposure. This is why it is very important that all family members be treated at the same time – even if they’re not infected with scabies.

But, what creams to consider when looking for an effective scabies treatment?

It is a well known fact that pesticide scabies treatment such as those based on Permethrin may prove effective for a day, but such products often get the scabies itching back and that too with a vengeance. One main reason for this is that scabies mites are increasingly becoming immune to Permethrin.

Choosing a Natural Treatment

Doctors these days are emphasizing on a safer and natural way to cure the irksome itching and prevention of re-infestation of scabies mites through Dr. Scabies.

Highly recommended, FDA approved and homeopathic remedy, Dr. Scabies products fight off the mites causing scabies in the most natural manner. Containing the highest (And safest) concentration of Sulphur, Dr. Scabies products are the best means to permanently get rid of scabies infection. 

Dr. Scabies Cream

Recommended for severe cases of disinfecting the wounds, rashes and bumps, Dr. Scabies cream is highly effective in treating secondary bacterial infections.

An effectual insect repellent – Dr. Scabies cream permanently drives away mites, preventing further inception and reproduction of scabies mites.

What Are the Directions for Use?

Dr. Scabies cream contains Sulphur 8X HPUS as its active ingredient. Therefore, anyone infected with the scabies infection is required to cleanse the affected area thoroughly.

This should be followed by effective application of the cream, covering the entire area.

For best results, the cream should be applied one time every day until the infection is gone. You will get relief quickly after the first application but the mites may take some time to disappear completely. So, it is advisable to continue using the cream for few days at a stretch and also ask others in the family to do the same if they have reported mild signs of infection.

What Precautions Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Using The Cream?

A natural and highly effective scabies treatment, Dr. Scabies is safe for external use. However, direct contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes should be avoided. 

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